Integration with Telegram

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The “Telegram” channel connects to UserEcho through the Telegram bot, to which your clients send messages, then they will be sent to the selected Helpdesk section and your agents will be able to process them as standard tickets from the agent interface.

The settings for connecting the Telegram bot are located in the section:

Settings> Helpdesk> Sources> Telegram

Creating a bot in Telegram

In the Telegram search, find @botfather and create your bot using the "/newbot" command. At this stage, you need to decide on the name of the bot.

You will receive a link to the bot in Telegram and a digital access token. You will need a token to connect the bot to UserEcho.

To configure integration, you need to specify the API token of your Telegram bot.


After specifying the token, the bot will be linked to the Helpdesk section and now agents can process all incoming requests through the agent interface

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