Stride integration

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UserEcho can send notifications about all events to the Stride channel. Here's how to setup Stride integration:

Sign into UserEcho Admin settings interface. Click "Integrations->Other" and then "Stride"
Click on the "+Add trigger" button.
You'll be presented with a few dialog. Here's how to fill them out:

Stride Room URL and token

Sign in into your Stride account, open corresponding room.

  1. Open the “Apps” sidebar
  2. Click “+”
  3. Click “Connect your own app”
  4. Follow the prompts in the “API token” tab

This gives you an access token and URL for this room.

Fill in required fields on the UserEcho settings side with corresponding data.

Testing integration

To test integration click 

Image 17397

button near corresponding trigger. UserEcho will try to connect to Stride and post test message to your chat room.

If it will success, UserEcho will activate your Stride integration and you will see green label "Enabled" under Integration status section.

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