Available interface languages in the UserEcho

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All activated languages are available in the table below. You can find the translation progress for each language in our translation system http://translate.userecho.com

Feel free to ask about new languages and to contribute in the UserEcho translation.

Language Code
English en
Русский ru
Español es
Français fr
Deutsch de
Nederlands nl
Íslenska is
Eesti et
Қазақша kk
Português pt-br
Українська‬ uk
Čeština cs
Dansk da
Suomi fi
Magyar hu
Italiano it
日本語 ja
한국어 ko
Svenska sv
Türkçe tr
中文(简体) zh-hans
Català ca
Polski pl
norsk (bokmål) nb
עברית he
العربيّة ar

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