How to pass additional parameters from my site (through widget or URL)

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Sometimes you need to pass some additional information about user or page to UserEcho. Here is some solution to do it.

Where to store?

Most popular places to store this information are Topic and User. Our Topics and Users have default fields that can help you to store some information (description, name, email, etc). If you would like to save some information in to a separate field we have custom fields. More information about custom fields in this article.

How to pass information to UserEcho?

Here is a few ways to pass information.

1.(The best way) SSO not only helps the user to automatically sign-in to UserEho, but the pass custom fields information for the user or user's topics. Also this is only way to pass information from your site for a private custom fields (visible to support agents only). SSO is the best way to pass any information, because all information are encoded and cannot be changed by user. Find out more infromation about SSO in your Project settings->Integrations->SSO.

2. GET parateters help to pass information for the Topic and non-private custom fields only. This is not the best way, because user is able to change any GET parameters. So, we are only pre-filling fields with provided information before user can edit it. We do not store it in the private custom fields.

3. The "envdata" variable is some string saved in the topic and visible in the "Additional information" popup for support agents only. To view the information click "Additional information" in the topic actions menu.

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Code examples:

1. Widget

var _ues = {
... ,
params:{param_name1:"param_value1",param_name2:"param_value2", ...}

2. Community. You can add any GET parameters to your community URL.

Please, note! The GET parameters and "envdata" will be applied to the Topic form if user will open it from this page only! So, in some cases it would be nice to force Topic form for the user like this:

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