Asana integration

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You can setup integration between UserEcho & Asana using Zapier service.

To use UserEcho app in your Zaps feel free to open your dashboard in Zapier and search for app "UserEcho".

Find out detailed instruction below how to perform integration.

First you need to have account on the, & Asana

In this example we tell how to synchronise new UserEcho topics to the Asana tasks.

Sign in into your Zapier account & click on the New zap action.

Step 1) Choose a trigger and action - On the first step choose UserEcho application & New event (webhook) as trigger application. Then choose Asana application & Create task event as action application.

Image 17367

Click on the continue button.

Step 2) Connect an UserEcho account

Click on the "Connect an UserEcho Account" button.

Image 17368

Then type your project alias in the corresponding field.

Image 17369

Authorize application access rights request.

Image 17370

Now continue to the step 3 at the Zapier Zap setup.

Step 3) Select a Asana account - follow instructions to link Asana account.

Step 4) Filter UserEcho triggers - select required forum.

Image 17371

Step 5) Match up UserEcho Event to Asana task

Set it as on the screenshot, you can customise it as you want.

Image 17372

Step 6) Test Zap

Completed, now each new topic in your forum will be displayed inside Asana project as new task.

Image 17373

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