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Tab widget

It's possible to setup side tab on your website. Click on it will lead user to the popup where it will able to leave feedback or search for an existing ones.

Below on screenshots, website screenshot with tab widget installed we point it with red arrow. Widget popup and widget tab settings.

Image 17299 Image 17300 Image 17301

Inline widget

Replace your contact form with our inline widget, that allow you to manage all feedback from one place.

More details about inline widget.

Widget API

It's possible to launch popup with javascript call, so you free to assign widget trigger on any of the your site's elements.

Use following javascript call to open widget.

Provide forum_id param to open specified forum

You can get forum_id via Setup->Community Forum->General->ID

or Setup->Helpdesk->General->ID if you want to open private message form

You can get widget embedding code via following path in the settings:

Setup -> Widgets

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