How to use widget with hidden tab

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If you would like to hide our tabs (widget and chat) you still are able to use our widget and chat. You can directly open it from any buttons on your page.

First, to hide our tab buttons, you should select "Invisible tab, API calls only" when you get you widget code:

Image 17298

Or just put this parameters to your current widget code:

1. tab_show

  • false - hide feedback tab
  • true - show feedback tab



2. chat_tab_show

  • false - hide chat tab
  • 'auto' - show chat tab if operator is online
  • true - show chat tab



Then you can use our prepared link or change it for your website design.

Feedback widget link:

<a on mouseover="UE.Popin.preload();" href="#" onclick="; return false;">feedback</a>

Chat link:

<a href="#"

onclick="; return false;">chat</a>

If you can write some javascript code, you also can check the chat status for show/hide your chat link or change your label. Do this javascript call:

UE.Chat.is_online()<br />

Return parameters:

  • null - chat is not initialized yet
  • false - operator is offline
  • true - operator is online

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